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Orange County, California Courts Presiding Judge Erick Larsh received bribes to willfully ignore Athena Montrief’s child sexual abuse and not investigate Athena’s child molester for seven years! Corrupt Judge Erick Larsh then actually laundered his bribes through Iranian Fugitive Terrorist Ali Safavi. In furtherance of Judge Larsh’s bribery and Iranian money laundering cover-up, Judge Larsh sanctioned the Orange County Sheriff’s Department removing a sexually abused little girl back into the home where she was abused! Corrupt Judge Larsh has now overseen that child sex abuse victim’s at least 12 psychiatric incarcerations more than 1000 miles outside Orange County for nearly two years in aggregate without a single hearing! Presiding Judge Larsh ratifies such a complete abrogation of justice exclusively to discredit Athena’s molestation allegations and cover-up laundering judicial bribe money with Iranian Terrorist Ali Safavi.


“Larsh is a criminal” Judge Erick Larsh, Retired Federal Agent Quote 7/2/21 “Larsh thinks he’s above the law.” Judge Erick Larsh, Attorney

INDEXED INTRODUCTION Orange County Courts Corrupt Presiding Judge Erick L. Larsh was alerted in conformed court pleadings to Athena Montrief’s major manifestations of

cropped judge erick larsh covers up child sex abuse


Orange County, California Courts’ Presiding Judge Erick “Rick” Larsh enjoyed a long career in the Criminal Courts before being suddenly transferred to Orange County’s Lamoreaux Family Law Courts “When the Iranian Terrorists Came To Town.”

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A former prosecutor, Orange County California Courts’ Presiding Judge Erick “Rick” Larsh suffered proving himself as a Commissioner for eight grueling years before elevation to full fledged Superior Court Judgeship by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2005. In 2014, Judge Larsh was suddenly transferred from his fifteen plus year Criminal Courts assignment to the Lamoreaux Family Law Panel: there perfectly timed to coincide with Iranian Fugitive Terrorist Ali Safavi’s MEK Iranian Nationalist Money Launderers arriving unto Orange County Courts seeking influence over case dispositions they feared would expose Terrorist Safavi’s money-laundering operation and those illicit purposes it serves.

Judge Larsh utilizes his connections to Ali Safavi’s MEK Money Laundering Operation in concerted compliment to and cover for the Lamoreaux Family Law Court’s steadily churning underground river of dirty money: there selling predictably slanted outcomes through a known clique of “Certified Family Law Specialist” (CFLS) Attorneys who organize passing bribe money onto Judges directly or otherwise primarily through Judge Larsh’s personal prerogative approving Larsh’s exclusive network of Court Appointed Psychological Experts (“730 Evaluators.”) The open secret in Orange County legal circles is that should any spiteful well-heeled family law litigant retain certain morally compromised CFLS Attorneys who regularly play the politics of bribery in and around Orange County’s Courthouses: that litigant’s desired result is all but guaranteed. In fact, Rick Larsh will work with anyone from litigants covering up incestuous child sex abuse to Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi’s money laundering operation.

For every astute legal practitioner or litigant, Judge Larsh’s Orange County Courts are obviously awash with dirty money. Yet Judge Larsh’s behavior and relationships have been ratified as model jurisprudence by Rick Larsh’s peers (other Judges) who actually elected Erick Larsh Supervising Judge of all Orange County Courts: where Judge Larsh’s venality now holds sway and influence over Rick Larsh’s surrogate Judges and their decision making.

Western State University College of Law regrettably admitted Rick Larsh to their Juris Doctor program before the California State Bar lamentably repeated that same mistake some years later. Graduating from California State University, Fullerton with a Psychology B.S. in 1983: Rick Larsh was well served understanding human behavior as condition precedent to distracting from bribery’s requisite money laundering functions in Judge Larsh’s Orange County Courts.

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