judge erick larsh covers up iranian nationalist money laundering with al safavis mek


Orange County Courts Corrupt Presiding Judge Erick L. Larsh was alerted in conformed court pleadings to Athena Montrief’s major manifestations of child sexual abuse by at least September 2014, yet corrupt Judge Erick Larsh carried on an approximately seven year campaign across two Courthouses intentionally ignoring (covering-up) Athena Montrief’s repeatedly documented abuse. The conformed pleadings and reports documenting Athena Montrief’s presentation of abuse, altogether ignored by Larsh: are included in the timeline here. However, the reasons for Athena Montrief’s child sexual abuse cover-up converge where an otherwise inconceivable alignment of three central antagonists’ misanthropic self-interests intersect:

1.) Grandmother Janette Munoz of Laguna Beach, CA spending seven figures covering up her son’s molestation of Athena Montrief, by and through the compromised services of Orange County Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS) Attorney Anna Brace and Janette Munoz’s half-sister “Bagman” Deanna Slocum passing bribe money onto public officials including corrupt Judge Erick Larsh; and

2.) Presiding Orange County Courts Judge Erick L. Larsh presiding over a bribery solicitation syndicate orchestrated through a clique of morally bereft CFLS Attorneys demanding six-figure (up-front) retainers and Larsh’s personally “approved” (e.g. compromised) list of “730 Custody Evaluator Psychologists,” thus precipitating requisite money laundering concerns in Larsh’s Orange County Courts; and

3.) Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi enabling corrupt Judge Erick Larsh’s money laundering leadership in the Orange County Courts but for inadvertent introduction through those otherwise entirely random business dealings of that sexually and now politically exploited little girl Athena Montrief’s own Dad, and simply by being present in litigation before corrupt Judge Erick Larsh.


“Why can’t child sex abuse victim Athena receive a single hearing to testify (over the last seven years) about where Athena feels safe while Athena’s case has been both directly and indirectly overseen by Orange County Courts’ Presiding Judge Erick Larsh?


For approximately sixteen months, Athena’s Dad was an unknowing contractor for Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi’s real estate money laundering empire; which now includes a portfolio of mobile home parks. 

Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi, Judge Erick L. Larsh and Grandmother Janette Munoz were altogether aware of the Ali Safavi real estate money laundering operation’s significant depths years before Athena’s Dad realized same but only after Athena’s Dad tirelessly worked to exculpate himself (through successful civil litigation) from their collective ambition to realize Athena’s Dad being prosecuted for Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi and corrupt Presiding Judge Erick Larsh’s concerted money laundering collaboration or on even more maliciously contrived charges!

Over that relationship forged by convergent common interests between Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi, Judge Erick Larsh and Grandmother Janette Munoz: an unholy alliance emerged infecting Orange County’s Court System with Iranian Terrorist Ali Safavi’s “organized” real estate money laundering expertise vis a vis Presiding Judge Erick Larsh. In fact, corrupt Judge Larsh’s conformed court pleadings, suppressed evidence, closed to the public court hearings, outrageous orders and insatiable appetite for delay, altogether illustrate a years’ long orchestration in diversion from:

1.) Athena’s clearly evidenced (repeatedly documented) Court ignored exigency (ongoing abuse): which unto itself is entirely indicative of Larsh being compromised.

2.) Such indication is dispositively sustained by evermore dramatic, yet otherwise inexplicable events finding their only logical impetus in Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi’s real estate money laundering connivance with Judge Erick Larsh. Indeed, corrupt Judge Erick Larsh’s fraught relationship with Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi, continues realizing unconscionable injustices upon the only two people (Athena and her Dad) continuously demanding an answer to the question of first impression:

“Why can’t child sex abuse victim Athena Montrief receive even a single hearing to testify about feeling safe in Dad’s home?”

The subsequent publicity Athena’s Dad brought to the abrogation of Athena Montrief’s due process rights, only after spending six figures on attorneys and Presiding  Judge Larsh’’s Court appointed experts over seven years, astoundingly introduced Athena’s Dad to a broad spectrum of apparently disconnected yet influential people making contact with him; including legal, political, official and international intelligence agents, many of whom similarly confirmed over several months those suspicions of Athena’s Dad:

But for Grandmother Janette Munoz’s awareness vis a vis CFLS Attorney Anna Brace of Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi’s and corrupt Judge Erick Larsh’s collaborative money laundering concern; child sex abuse victim Athena Montrief would not be deprived of even one single hearing for seven years, exclusively by the orders of Judge Erick Larsh.

So, how did Grandmother Janette Munoz (through CFLS Attorney Anna Brace) become so much more intensely aware of Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi’s and corrupt Judge Erick Larsh’s synergistic money laundering concerns than Grandmother Janette Munoz may have otherwise been informed?

At that very first instance, Athena’s Dad heard “money laundering” suggested by Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi’s real estate “organization,” Athena’s Dad immediately attempted to walk away from some real estate transactions closed with Terrorist Safavi’s real estate money laundering portfolio. When Athena’s Dad demanded conclusively wholesale dissolution from any further interest in those seventeen sum real estate transactions: Athena’s Dad was refused all peaceful exit requests because Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi, Presiding Judge Erick Larsh and Grandmother Janette Munoz were all looking to enable the prosecution of Athena’s Dad for money laundering (or worse.) Thus, Athena’s Dad created the following trust documents, exclusively tendered to remote legal counsel for Athena’s Dad, in a desperate attempt to accomplish the desired disbandment from any financial connection over corrupt Judge Erick Larsh’s alliance with Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi’s real estate money laundering machine:

1130 Grant Avenue1210 28th Street3001 Sewell Street2320 9th Street1520 18th Street309 Adams Street27 Gilbert Terrace

Unfortunately, when Athena’s Dad made copies of the above linked trust documents for his remote legal counsel’s exclusive purview: this sampling of subject documents were surreptitiously purloined by (Mom and Grandma Janette Munoz’s) CFLS Attorney Anna Brace, who would subsequently serve a subpoena covering her tracks. On their face, these trust documents are certainly sensitive but for documenting a handful of Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi’s money laundered real estate transactions, the funding for which came directly from Iranian Terrrorist Ali Safavi’s 5209 Investments and his eponymously named trust here listed on official wire transfer confirmation receipt banking records.

However, the attention these trust documents draw to Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi’s working relationship with Presiding Judge Erick Larsh remain of such exceptional concern, that corrupt Judge Larsh wholly and entirely suppressed sum trust documents (including those having nothing to do with Safavi) sua sponte: when Presiding Judge Larsh wasn’t actually sealing all public proceedings anytime these trust documents were even inside corrupt Judge Larsh’s courtroom, let alone never being discussed in Court. In return for CFLS Attorney Anna Brace’s complete silence over Presiding Judge Erick Larsh’s suppression of these trust documents (which list Athena and her sisters as sole beneficiaries!): corrupt Judge Erick Larsh transferred sole physical and legal custody of Athena (and her sisters) to Athena’s Mom (by pretext.) That quid pro quo “trade” preserved Presiding Judge Larsh’s relationship with Iranian Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi’s real estate money laundering machine, at the expense of intentionally perpetuating Athena’s child sex abuse cover-up.

Presiding Judge Erick L. Larsh continues to maintain direct authority over child sex abuse victim Athena’s institutionalization (for nearly two years in aggregate) some thirteen hundred miles outside of Larsh’s jurisdiction and very far removed from Athena’s Dad: who corrupt Judge Erick Larsh has precluded all contact between for over six-hundred days. Presiding Judge Erick Larsh’s extraordinarily aberrant behavior primarily demonstrates fear in revelation of Terrorist Fugitive Ali Safavi’s and corrupt Presiding Judge Erick Larsh’s cooperative money laundering concern by and through Grandmother Janette Munoz vis a vis CFLS Attorney Anna Brace: should Larsh not render those manifest injustices Grandmother Janette Munoz already bought and paid for. Of course, further validation of Athena Montrief’s repeatedly documented child sexual abuse in any hearing (on the record) which Athena is entitled to, but has been wholly deprived of (at such time Athena’s returned to California): would finally further evince that child sex abuse cover-up substantiated with the conformed pleadings, suppressed evidence and court ordered reports here exhibited. Thus, corrupt Presiding Judge Erick Larsh knowingly violates child sex abuse victim Athena Montrief’s California black letter law right to a hearing, as well Athena Montrief’s 5th and 14th Amendment Due Process rights granted by both the California State and U.S. Constitutions; exclusively to cover-up corrupt Presiding Judge Larsh’s Orange County Courts’ money laundering and corruption scandal.