ali safavi mek judge erick larsh money laundering child sex abuse cover up
cropped judge erick larsh covers up child sex abuse
Judge Erick “Rick” Larsh implicated
in bribery and money laundering
scandal engulfing Orange County’s Courts.

“Larsh is a criminal”

Judge Erick Larsh, Retired Federal Agent Quote 7/2/21

“Larsh thinks he’s above the law.”

Judge Erick Larsh, Attorney Quote 5/5/21

Larsh’s money laundering with Iranian Terrorist Ali Safavi is murder.

Judge Erick Larsh, Attorney Quote 5/1/21

Judge Larsh makes Orange County’s Judges look like our country’s most corrupt.

Judge Erick Larsh, Senior Official Quote 3/15/21

judge james waltz bribery money laundering
Judge James Waltz
and Judge Erick Larsh
implicated in bribery and money
laundering scandal rocking
Orange County’s Courts by
Attorney Babak Robert Farzad

I was before Judge James Waltz in a hearing at the end of last year. He was very harsh with me. Another litigant stopped me out in the hallway and recommended that I contact his Attorney Babak Robert Farzad. He (that litigant) told me that Attorney Babak Robert Farzad was well liked by Judge James Waltz and would be able to help me. I thought nothing of this until I was approached again in late June. This man stopped by my business and “highly recommended” that I contact his Attorney Babak Robert Farzad. That “customer” suggested to me that while I might pay Mr. Babak Robert Fazad a lot of money, Attorney Babak Robert Farzad could almost guarantee that I would get good results in front of Judge James Waltz. It almost seemed as if I was being threatened. My wife and I have substantial assets and this seems highly irregular. It seems like Judge James Waltz and Attorney Babak Robert Farzad are shaking me down. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Judge James Waltz Review (reputed Rick Larsh acolyte, surrogate and “middle-man”) 7/25/18

Earlier this year, I witnessed Judge Waltz invite an expert (730 evaluator) witness back into his chambers after a hearing. Apparently Judge Waltz has a close relationship with the (730 evaluator) witness. After the recess in Judge’s Chambers, Judge Waltz and the Psychologist both came out laughing and the expert witness was then called back to the stand. The attorney did not go back into his chambers during the break. This seemed highly inappropriate and made me really question how ethical this judge is.

Judge James Waltz Review (reputed Rick Larsh acolyte, surrogate and “middle-man”) 9/17/18

cropped judge erick larsh covers up child sex abuse
Judge Erick Larsh implicated
in bribery and money laundering
scandal erupting in the Orange County Courts.

Does not know the law, will NOT make a ruling, extremely prejudicial to allowing hearsay, recesses in the middle of trial constantly then forgets whats happening in his courtroom

Judge Erick Larsh (paraphrased) “Robing Room” Attorney Review 10/29/15

Arbitrary. Unfair. Refuses to take sufficient time to understand a case or distinguish merits of the case. Erratic. Poor judicial instincts. A definite black mark on the reputation of the court. A typical former Court Commissioner: not capable enough to warrant judicial appointment on his own, Larsh instead obtains office as an afterthought.

Judge Erick Larsh (paraphrased) “Robing Room” Attorney Review 12/31/16

Unfit to sit (on the bench.) Took bench 40 minutes late without explanation or apology. Suggested client’s absence due to medical cause was fabricated notwithstanding no evidence to support; issued bench warrant for client’s arrest while client being prepped for endoscopy/colonoscopy for post-cancer follow-up testing.

Judge Erick Larsh (paraphrased) “Robing Room” Attorney Review 5/18/16

Worst judge in the history of family law. Larsh is prejudiced against minorities. Larsh threatens and demonstrates zero knowledge of the law. Larsh is on an ego trip and thinks he remembers but contradicts himself mid-sentence. Larsh makes rulings before Larsh knows the facts. I have see Larsh try to rule on issues that were not even in front of him and the attorneys had to correct him. Judicial review should take a look at removing him. Larsh is a liability to the (legal) profession.

Judge Erick Larsh (paraphrased) “Robing Room” Review 9/17/18

I love the law and the idea of rules and order. I decided to observe particular cases. I was so appalled by one in particular I had to chime in an opinion. I observed a particular case from beginning to end and at first I was impressed and in awe of Judge Larsh. And then I saw Larsh lose patience and exhibit favoritism and bias. At one of the last appearances Larsh decided the means justify the end. The same rules do not apply to both sides i.e. Larsh does not enforce his own court orders (spousal support, etc.). Beware if you stipulate out “in the hallway” as Larsh will direct you to do, Larsh will not enforce the stipulation in full if Larsh believes parts are not fair -Larsh does this not knowing what was compromised. When you file contempt for non payment of support (Larsh is nice enough to tell you that you have remedies) I watched Larsh mock the petitioner and say that the support amount isn’t (sufficiently) significant to justify a contempt. Whoever Larsh favors will not be held to the same rules. I watched Larsh revise a judgement without concern with what was given up for the other’s benefit. Most disturbing I witnessed Larsh call one party a liar and said the reason was because the witness didn’t answer quickly enough. Arrogantly Larsh told him the witness Larsh can tell when someone is lying and continued to berate him. It was sad as this person’s demeanor was “slower” (slightly autistic maybe?) and appeared to me to be the witness’ natural way of speaking. I agree with another opinion on here. Larsh either doesn’t read the filings or just doesn’t care. Will tell you to go to civil court to enforce a judgment Larsh ordered and Larsh refuses to support (with enforcement.)

Judge Erick Larsh (paraphrased) “Robing Room” Review 1/5/18

Judge Erick L. Larsh pays little attention to the law, is not detailed, will not read pleadings and motions ahead of time, everything is off the cuff. He is late to court every time. Larsh is so LAZY! WOW. Larsh sits on his bench and has a “kumbaya” attitude. If I didn’t know how old Larsh was, I would think Larsh was an ex-hippie. Puts forth as little effort as possible with case review. Forgets what he said in previous hearings. Larsh’s clerk is inaccurate with court minutes. Best bet is to obtain transcripts. Keep motions, pleadings, and everything else in written form BRIEF. He has, at most, a 1 to 2 page attention span. Make sure what you are requesting is 100% rock solid in accordance with the law! If there is any gray area that requires Larsh to use his own logic and common sense, Larsh will not rule in your favor. Larsh does not care about case law or your specific circumstances.

Judge Erick Larsh (paraphrased) “Robing Room” Review 12/11/17

Dangerous prejudice against women. Leaves women and children without justice and penniless when fees are run up over years of delays until they can’t afford counsel. Larsh delays by promising future action, then denies his promises and recreates history on the record to support Larsh’s refusal to follow the law and provide justice. Total waste of taxpayers’ money and litigants’ life’s savings. Appeals are only way to justice in his court. League of women’s voters supported Larsh’s election and should be ashamed.

Judge Erick Larsh (paraphrased) “Robing Room” Review 8/31/16